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Dor-Dis Limited has many years of experience in handmade and incrustation of exquisite ladies', men's and children's jewelry. It starts its own development in 1967 year in the city of Barcelona (Spain) as a small company and over time develops and popularizes in major European countries. For 40 years we have tried and practiced various techniques, so that we can satisfy any of your wish in the world of jewelry.
The name of the company is known more and more European markets. We work with famous branded companies such as Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Zara, System actions, Peppe jeans and Stradivarios. Our company manufactures elegant jewelry for men's, women's and children's collection. We rely on handmade, high quality, attitude to detail and irresistible appearance. We work with materials such as: stainless steel, brass, imitation of natural (precious) stones, polyester, glass, wood and leather.
We are competitive on large countries like China and Turkey. In the manufacture of jewelry we use a variety of techniques and niceties accumulated with the years of experience. We use a variety of knits that grab the eye with a non-standard vision, technique “Martele” and impressive ornaments. We produce jewelry such as bracelets, men’s necklaces, ladies’ necklaces, sets, brooches, rings, tiaras and other fashion accessories. The Jewelry goes through a number of reviews and tests at the Turkish SGS Laboratory for nickel, plumbum and other dangerous substances. By this way, we ensure the safety and high quality of our product range.
You have the wonderful opportunity to touch the elegant and stylish “Dor-Dis” jewelry. They have the ability to change magically your vision, be special, noticeable and irresistible among the crowd.
The high quality is our priority. The ornaments are an inspiration from our designer's unusual and broken vision. Dor-Dis Limited includes a large workshop for jewelry production, a store of various materials and a commercial section, open to your orders and queries. To be better and precise in jewelry development, our company owns modern machines, foundries and facilities.
Some of our ornaments have images resembling ancient symbols – sings, animals and sacred elements. They have different mystical abilities - protect against disasters and evil thoughts, but at the same time attract luck and success. We also produce amazing jewels with special inscriptions - winged phrases or phrases that symbolize your relationship.
The development and thriving of the company lead to the offering of quirky women's, men's and children's jewelery on the Bulgarian market. This prefers our company to create its own brand of its male collection. It brings the name of the Spanish football “Espanyol” – Mateo Stamatov and includes interest designer’s jewelry from our men’s collection that grabs the eye with an attractive style. The have the ability to increase your charm and masculinity. The Mateo MMS collection decorations can be used for everyday and official occasions and events.
Make the perfect gift with phenomenal bracelets, necklaces or sets with brand name of Mateo MMS. They are suitable for an impressive gift also pleasant surprise for yourself or your close friend. Upon purchase, you will receive an official bag with an embroidered logo of Mateo MMS.
Our main mission is to satisfy your every wish in the world of jewelry and to fulfill every order. We aim to continue our development and popularization on the European and Bulgarian markets.


Iskra 1 str.
tel: +359 878 377 310


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